Some Music. Finally.

Wed Jan 16 2019

Here be dragons (possibly).

This post is tagged as "archive". Either my opinions on the subject have changed, technology has moved on, or I've revisited it more recently and realised it's just old.

The day has finally come, the record deal has been signed, CDs pressed, thousands of fans waiting for the release, etc etc.

Ok, so not really. But today I did release my first recordings loosely assembled into a short E.P. I've been recording tracks on and off for around a year, and finally got round to actually giving them titles and sticking them on SoundCloud. They're not polished, they're not professionally mixed, and they're (I hope) not the pinnacle of my music career, but they're mine, and I'm just pleased to be writing music and doing something with it after a few years of dipping in and out of various bands and not really getting into a writing groove.

Check out the tracks here: